About Dynamic Systems

April 30, 2013





Green Technology Solutions based on Innovation and Sustainability.

Dynamic Systems Holdings Inc. is a clean technology licensing company focused on the creation and development of alternative energy products for the world market. Currently the global licensee of an array of innovative designs and applications, DSHI is in a strong position to penetrate the growing global market for renewable energy solutions.

Mission Statement

DSHI is dedicated to delivering the most advanced solutions to meet the world’s energy demands. Our technologies are rooted in innovation and sustainability. We are focused on providing solar, wind and a range of alternate energy technologies for use in the transportation, telecommunications, remote power, and water purification industries. Sustainability, and the determination to use less of the earth’s resources, is attained by employing creativity and excellence in the design of all our products, and at every step of our company’s process.

DSHI is a technology licensing company focused on environmental and energy products for global markets and the following is DSHI's Business Model:

-We Patent and Develop our own technologies and/or JV with other companies with patents and develop their technolgies. -We License or acquire complimentary technologies -We Partner with major industry players and establish a global alliance with leading firms -Our Licensing revenue model is made up from multiple streams of licensing and consulting fees from a range of products -Outsourcing manufacturing ensures technology is poised for rapid global expansion and minimize capital requirements -Our separate business units are set up with specialized teams to bring different products to market, generate own operating profits, and can be sold or merged without impacting other operations

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